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"Every bird loves to hear himself sing."

"Jeder Vogel singt, wie er kann..."

"Les hommes sont comme les oiseaux, il faut qu'ils chantent!"

"¡No hay bosque más semejante a un desierto que aquel donde no cantan los pájaros!"

Transcribing services


Verbatim transcription as a literal textual representation of what was dictated, including speaker errors and vocalizations made while pausing, along with all non-speech noises audible in the audio file, such as sneezes, paper rustling, and door slamming. Verbatim (also known as truth) transcriptions are used to evaluate and improve products that use speech recognition software.

Single regular transcriptions are files transcribing a spoken text, edited in a way that it reflects the speaker intention, capturing the intent and content of the speaker in its spoken language and culture, and leaving aside speaker errors and volicalization made while pausing, and all non-speek noises that are not relevant to the speaking context.

Dual transcription provides the client with a double transcription of spoken text in a two column format that contain the audio timing indications, for ease of reference. Dual transcription are used regularly for subtitling purposes.

File formats covered: any, including non electronic (traditional audio cassette).

Language variant (e.g. catalan) or another (uncovered) language: possible, at request (takes a longer time to translate).

30 Languages

albanian - Përkthime (AL) / arabic - ترجمات (AR) / bosnian - Prijevodi (BS) / belarusian - Пераклады (BY) / bulgarian - Преводи (BG) / croatian - Prijevodi (HR) / czech - Překlady (CZ) / danish - Oversættelser (DK) / dutch- Vertallwerk (NL) / english- Translations (EN) / estonian - Tõlked (EE) / finnish - Käännökset (FI) / french- Traductions (FR) / german- Übersetzungsdienste (DE) / greek - Μεταφράσεις (GR) / italian- Traduzioni (IT) / latvian - Tulkojumi (LV) / lithuanian - Vertimai (LT) / norwegian - Oversettelser (NO) / polish - Tłumaczenia (PL) / portuguese - Traduções (PT) / romanian - Traduceri (RO) / russian - Переводы (RU) / serbian - Преводи (RS) / slovak - Preklady (SK) / slovene - Prevodi (SI) / spanish - Traducciones (SP) / swedish - Översättningar (SE) / turkish - Çeviriler (TR) / ukrainian - Переклади (UA)

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over 300 translators

Talks Hub translators cover a large span of countries, languages, cultural experiences, actual and former residencies, as well as field expertise, each one being selected and certified internally.

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