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"Every bird loves to hear himself sing."

"Jeder Vogel singt, wie er kann..."

"Les hommes sont comme les oiseaux, il faut qu'ils chantent!"

"¡No hay bosque más semejante a un desierto que aquel donde no cantan los pájaros!"




We offer services into and out of 30 covered languaged, can work to identify suitable translators for other languages of less circulation, and work with any type of file format..

our more than 300 internal certified linguists maximize the quality of your linguistic needs, working in networked crossed-teams, sample controlling each other, supervised by a project manager for each task we receive.

Translation services

Language translation

Mother-tongue translators ensures a natural reading target text, compliance with current grammatical regulations, and an understanding on local cultural traits influencing the spoken and written language.

Cultural sensitive linguists ensures un complex and overview understanding of cultural differences when translating text from a source language to a target language. Therefore, we mainain a special database comprised of natives with various foreign living experiences in other countries, matching language pairs for your translation needs. Therefore, when the source language is German spoken in German and the target is Polish spoken in Poland, we will try to identify our Polish translator, who knows German and has also a previous personal living experience in Germany.

Subject experts translators are part of a translation team. They translate, prepare glossaries, check, controll and proofread for your expert translation need.

File formats covered: any.

Language variant (e.g. catalan) or another (uncovered) language: possible, at request (takes a longer time to translate).


Verbatim transcription as a literal textual representation of what was dictated, including speaker errors and vocalizations made while pausing, along with all non-speech noises audible in the audio file, such as sneezes, paper rustling, and door slamming. Verbatim (also known as truth) transcriptions are used to evaluate and improve products that use speech recognition software.

Single regular transcriptions are files transcribing a spoken text, edited in a way that it reflects the speaker intention, capturing the intent and content of the speaker in its spoken language and culture, and leaving aside speaker errors and volicalization made while pausing, and all non-speek noises that are not relevant to the speaking context.

Dual transcription provides the client with a double transcription of spoken text in a two column format that contain the audio timing indications, for ease of reference. Dual transcription are used regularly for subtitling purposes.

File formats covered: any, including non electronic (traditional audio cassette).


Over the phone interpreting offered by Talks Hub takes place within a special professional online meeting environment, provided with access to video and audio capabilities, integrated chat and web browser, and document sharing. Our interpreters joins this platform along with the main speakers, without need of special preparations. This services is provided as-is, subject to specific technical requirements to access the complete platform facilities. In our experiences, the platform has encountered only video and large text sharing capabilities difficulties in countries with low internet badnwidth.

Face to face interpreting ensures a dedicated interpret at your service, available for your meeting, appointment, conference, or court case presentation. This service requires advance planning.

Language variant (e.g. catalan) or another (uncovered) language: possible, at request (takes a longer time to identify).


Proofreding offered by Talks Hub accounts for general issues of spelling, grammar and accuracy. We can work to a specific requirement, if you need our proofreaders to look out for known issues, such as against a glossary or terminology database or lookign for numbering errors.

Text amendments can be made directly in the document, or we can use change-tracking tools, comments, mark-up or annotations, depending on your preferences, if you need a record of what has changed.

File formats covered: any.

Voice over

Voice over offered by Talks Hub works with mother tongue speakers for general recording needs to ensure you have the best option for your budget. At your specific request, we can work to identify professionally trained actors who can produce highly accurate recordings, using professional recording equipment.

File formats covered: any.

30 Languages

albanian - Përkthime (AL) / arabic - ترجمات (AR) / bosnian - Prijevodi (BS) / belarusian - Пераклады (BY) / bulgarian - Преводи (BG) / croatian - Prijevodi (HR) / czech - Překlady (CZ) / danish - Oversættelser (DK) / dutch- Vertallwerk (NL) / english- Translations (EN) / estonian - Tõlked (EE) / finnish - Käännökset (FI) / french- Traductions (FR) / german- Übersetzungsdienste (DE) / greek - Μεταφράσεις (GR) / italian- Traduzioni (IT) / latvian - Tulkojumi (LV) / lithuanian - Vertimai (LT) / norwegian - Oversettelser (NO) / polish - Tłumaczenia (PL) / portuguese - Traduções (PT) / romanian - Traduceri (RO) / russian - Переводы (RU) / serbian - Преводи (RS) / slovak - Preklady (SK) / slovene - Prevodi (SI) / spanish - Traducciones (SP) / swedish - Översättningar (SE) / turkish - Çeviriler (TR) / ukrainian - Переклади (UA)

Download on top of this page our language we currently cover.

over 300 translators

Talks Hub translators cover a large span of countries, languages, cultural experiences, actual and former residencies, as well as field expertise, each one being selected and certified internally.

Download on top of this page our actual statistics on translators working with us.

Localisation Services


Website localisation can respond to your relatively simple "flat-file" structure, for a brochure-style site written in HTML, or to your more complex site using ASP.NET, PHP, Java, Perl, ColdFusion, Python or Ruby, as well as for ya site that might pull in dynamic content from multiple databases, or is driven by a CMS (Content Management System) and it might need to integrate with multiple back-end systems. Whatever the complexity of your site, we have extensive expertise in the best way to localize your web content.

SEO advisers work with us in translating your website in a way that make the best use of relevant keywords for the targeted language and its correspondent country..

Marketing experienced local linguists can additionally work with us reccommending you a list of available and less international known marketing places where your website can be promoted for the country targeted as translation.

Software localisation take into account the specific challenges above and beyond the linguistic and technical aspects of translation and website localization. We are experienced in translating the relevant locale of your website, from content to interface (the menu items, messages, buttons and other on-screen text) and documentation files (help files). Furthermore, screen space is always a technical limitation which needs to be incorporated into the localization process, to ensure that translated software strings fit the available space in popup menus, dialog boxes and other visual elements. We do not forget the non-text elements: images, audio captions, etc.

File formats covered: any.

Language variant (e.g. catalan) or another (uncovered) language: possible, at request (takes a longer time to translate).

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