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"Every bird loves to hear himself sing."

"Jeder Vogel singt, wie er kann..."

"Les hommes sont comme les oiseaux, il faut qu'ils chantent!"

"¡No hay bosque más semejante a un desierto que aquel donde no cantan los pájaros!"


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Talks Hub trademark stands for competence, multiculturalism, and diversity.


Being a small provider of translation services, we are able to offer flexibility and maximum attention for each client we work with. We work globally, with native linguists from around the world, and we preffer natives with multicultural living experience, in order to satisfy the global understanding of the culture difference and adecquate language support in all our services.

Talks HUB Group


Talks Hub Group: education, translation, publishing.

Focus on Language & Culture

We provide more than language services, we take care of the local cultural customs and habits for every service we deliver, always providing our services with a more holistic, integrated cultural approach.

Registered company

Talks Hub Group acts under the auspices of a registered joint-partnership under the German law.


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